Friday, October 29, 2010

Is Jesus Willing To Heal?

That’s the real question.  We normally don’t question his ability to heal, we read the narratives of his life, and they are full with physical and spiritual healing.  No, the real question for us whether or not Jesus is willing to heal?

Thankfully, the narratives of Jesus’ life are not just bursting with accounts of his power over sickness but they also include his willingness to heal.

In Mark 1:40-42, Jesus is met with that same question.  A leper begged him that if he was willing, Jesus could heal him.  Jesus responded to him with a heart of compassion, a physical touch and affirmation of his willingness to heal.  Don’t you love those words?  I am willing.

In a different occasion, He was asked for his help by someone, not just anyone, but a man who was considered to be enemy and oppressor of his people, a Roman Centurion.  When asked for help by an enemy, Jesus’ response was “I will go and heal him.”  (Matt. 8:5-8)

These are just two examples for us.  We may be familiar with the stories of healing in the Gospels, but it is more important that we are familiar with His willingness to heal; because that is the real question we struggle with.   

Jesus is not just a Healer, He is also willing!

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  1. My name is Jorge I go to CLC Thanks for your preaching on healing at CLC it was eye opening and powerful brother. You showed me plain and simple what the Word of God says about this subject. I have a friend that was recently in a Bad car accident, I prayed and prayed and still pray for him . The doctors at first told him he will never walk again. But I told him what God can do .and now he can feel his legs a little and move some. he hasn't walked yet but I will never stop praying for him until he walks again. Please pray for him pastor his name is Tim and pray for me that God can use my hands for healing too